Who is Stopping Violence Dunedin?

 Stopping Violence Dunedin (SVD) is a not for profit organisation based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Our focus is  reducing family violence and other damaging conflict in our communities.  We provide individual and group education programmes for people with violence issues and family/whanau support through our kaiwhakaruruhau service.


The original group of men accessed the power and control wheel and associated learning, and used these to support other men and teach new behaviours and attitudes.

In the early 90’s women started being involved in the Stopping Violence programmes as facilitators. It became apparent that the then name "mens action collective", was inappropriate for the organisation and that women have a role to play in stopping violence and that women can have issues with violence the same as men.

As the programme has grown and the success of attendees has become known to the wider community, Stopping Violence Dunedin Inc received contracts  from Department of  Corrections, Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Justice and CYPs to deliver our service to their clients including clients held in Milburn Prison.

Our focus is group work however for some clients the group programme is not appropriate. In such cases, private one on one work is provided.

The Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence (DCAFV) is part of Stopping Violence Dunedin. The idea behind the project was to have community agencies  work together to strategically address issues of violence in our community. Our annual project White Ribbon Day has been an annual success as has been the Families free from violence campaign. DCAFV takes all oportunities to participate in community events and will assist by providing BBQs, Bouncy castles and cazebos where needed.

Stopping Violence Dunedin Inc provides a 25 week group programme for women with groups that meet weekly.  

People who have  completed the programme and stopped using violence, have commented "the hardest part is admitting I needed help to change my behaviour'. Changing your behaviour takes courage but brings lifelong rewards.

Change is possible, it takes courage, effort and determination.

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