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Welcome to Stopping Violence Dunedin.

Stopping Violence Dunedin (SVD) is a not for profit organisation based in Dunedin, committed to reducing family violence and other damaging conflict in our communities. Find out more here.

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We need all kinds of help like volunteers, donations of goods and services and of course financial help to!

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If you or someone you know is being abused or abusing others, contact us on 0800 474 1121 or use our referral form HERE


Power and Control Wheels


"My thinking has changed so I have a better mind set to move forward with my life"

"Our children are much more settled. As parents we are much more aware of how our behavior impacts on our children"

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Hi everyone, our office is open today. Please feel free to come in and discuss any questions or concerns. 


  • ...our group programmes have proven to be the most effective way of helping people learn new ways of being free from violence.

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  • ...our family centred service for people of all cultures and their whānau family who have had issues with family violence

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  • ...we also offer individual programmes where we have more flexibility about when and where they can be delivered.

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  • ...and we offer stopping violence programmes for women who have been abusive in their relationships.

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    • Group Programmmes for Men

    • Kaiwhakaruruhau-Whanau Support Service

    • Individual Stopping Violence Programmes

    • Group Programmmes for Women